Statutes IFL Lampung

Statutes of Indonesian Future Leaders




Article 1 Name

This organization namely Indonesian Future Leaders, abbreviated IFL Lampung.

Article 2 Time

Indonesian Future Leaders was Founded on May 9th 2013 at Rajabasa, Bandar Lampung  for  an unspecific period of time.

Articles 3 Place of Establishment

IFL was established in Perumahan Griya Gedung Meneng Blok C2 No. 10 Rajabasa, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia



Article 4 Basis

IFL is based on Pancasila and profesionalism

Article 5 Natures

Paragraph (1) IFL Lampung is a non governmental organization which has basis on non-profit, independent, and not affiliated with any other political parties.

Paragraph (2) IFL Lampung is an organization which natures on grinding, compassion, guiding and uphold the value of familial

Article 6 Vission

Creating Indonesian young generation to be competent on their field of interest and enabling them to give positive impact as well as inspiring their surrounding.

Articles 7 Mission

  1. Initiating various events of youth empowerment for better Indonesia. (initiate)
  2. conducting real action for the development by directly involving Indonesian Youngster in the front line. (act)
  3. sharing knowledge, social contribution, and other stuffs both in form of material and non-material for the development of community and society. (share)
  4. Being an inspiration to society generally, and youth specifically. (inspire)

Articles 8 Objective

IFL  Lampung aims at:

  1. Empowering Indonesian young generations as the nations’ future leaders as a form of contribution both to society and Indonesia.
  2. Developing members’ capability by expanding global insight while keeps on respecting cultural value of Indonesia.
  3. Improving social sensibility by being a channel for youth to contribute on social change.
  4. Spreading  building peace

Article 9 Efforts

  1. Developing voluntary events on various schools/ universities and society elements.
  2. Building soft skills capacity such as leadership, communication, enterpreneurship, etc.
  3. Performing community service activities and community development
  4. Facilitating youths to speak up their opinion, as well as implementing their idea for positive change through various media
  5. Conducting public dialogue/workshop to enhance youth’s understanding on specific issues
  6. Becoming a mediator for youth in conveying their aspirations to related stakeholders
  7. Conducting surveillance and monitoring various government programs related to youth
  8. Involving youth at the international level activities in order to gain a larger impact
  9. Establishing cooperation with various parties to conduct useful activities to create better Indonesia



Articles 9

IFL Lampung membership is opened for all Indonesian youth aged 12-30.



 Article 10 Authorities

Paragraph (1) the supreme power is held by the meeting of IFL Lampung’s executive boards under the agreement of the founder.

Article 11 Organizational Structures

Paragraph (1)  the organizational structure of IFL Lampung consists of:

  1. Founder
  2. Advisor council consists of persons who are appointed by founder meeting
  3. Executive boards who are led by the presidents
  4. Members

Paragraph (2) President is responsible to all IFL Lampung’s Executive Boards and founder.



Article 12 Amandement of Articles of Association

Paragraph (1) articles of association cannot be changed unless by the decision of founder.

Paragraph (2) ratification of amandement can only be done through IFL Lampung’s executive boards meeting under the agreement of founder.

Article 13 Dissolution of Organization

Dissolution of IFL Lampung can only be done through IFL Lampung’s executive boards meeting under the agreement of founder.




Articles 14

Things that are not provided in these articles of association or IFL Lampung regulations /special provisions that do not contradict with this constitution are contained in memorandum of association.

Articles 15

This articles of associations are valid since the ratification.

Set on Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Rajabasa-Bandar Lampung, Indonesia


Hetty Sarinah Samosir

A. Novindri Adji

Desi Setianingrum

Candra C.

Aries Munandar




Article 1 Membership and The Nature of Membership

  • Paragraph (1) membership shall consist of IFL Lampung’s members, volunteer, and boards.
  • Paragraph (2) member is any person who registers and ratified its membership by IFL Lampung’s Executive Boards.
  • Paragraph (3) volunteer is a person who has been engaged in the activities of IFL Lampung at least one time.
  • Paragraph (4) Boards is any person who has been through a selection process and certified by IFL Lampung’s Executives Board
  • Paragraph (5) Membership is based on voluntary and binding.

Article 2 Membership’s Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for becoming a member of IFL Lampung:

  1. The citizens of Indonesia,
  2. 12-30 years old,
  3. Has gone through the registration process and/or have attended at least one time IFL activities,
  4. Ratified its membership by IFL’s Executive Boards.

 Article 3 The Rights of The Member

Rights of IFL Lampung members:

  1. Becoming IFL’s boards,
  2. following the project organized by IFL,
  3. submitting their opinions and ask things regarding the organizational of IFL,
  4. Having equal treatment among members,
  5. Resigning from the membership of the IFL

Article 4 The Obligations of The Members

IFL Lampung Member’s liability are:

  1. Upholding the good name of IFL Lampung,
  2. Complying the rules in force of IFL Lampung
  3. Complying and carrying out the decisions set by IFL Lampung
  4. Participating on IFL Lampung events.

 Article 5 Termination of Membership  

Membership IFL Lampung ends if:

  1. Vacuum or never participate in the activities of IFL Lampung for 2 years,
  2. Passes away,
  3. Excluded from the membership of IFL Lampung,
  4. Resigned from the membership of IFL Lampung.
  5. No longer Indonesian and or have aged over 30 years

Article 6 Sanctions

Paragraph (1) Any IFL Lampung members who abuse the rights and obligations may be imposed in violation of the sanctions.

Paragraph (2) The forms of sanctions:

  1. Verbal Warning,
  2. Written warning.
  3. Revoked its rights as a member,
  4. Dismissed as members.

Paragraph (3) The above sanctions may be granted by the president under the approval of  IFL Lampung Executive Board meeting.




Articles 7 Boards

IFL Lampung’s board is IFL Lampungmember who was authorized responsibilities by the Executive Boards in organizing IFL daily management on certain period of time.



Article 8 The Obligation of Board

Board of IFL Lampung has obligation to :

  1. Uphold the good reputation of IFL Lampung
  2. Compile and implement  the work programs of IFL Lampung
  3. Regulate the running of programs
  4. Responsible for the work programs enforcement in every end of management period to the IFL Lampung Board Meeting
  5. Respond any aspirations from members of IFL Lampung
  6. Establish the good corporation with any parties related to the implementation of the IFL Lampung Organization
  7. Consistently attend the board meeting of IFL Lampung and obey the organization regulations that has been made by Board Meeting of IFL Lampung

Article 9 Sanction

Clause (1) every board of IFL Lampung that abuses the right and disregard the obligation may be penalized.

Clause (2) form of sanction

  1. Verbal warning,
  2. Written warning
  3. Revoked their right as a board
  4. Dismissed as a board
  5. If necessary, proceed to higher law process

Clause (3) Sanction at point 1 and 2 above can be given by the President of IFL Lampung

Clause (4) Sanction at point 3, 4, and 5 above can be given by the President of IFL Lampung

With the consent of Daily Board Body of IFL Lampung

Article 10 multiple position within management

The board of IFL Lampung may not occupy multiple positions within management structure of IFL Lampung and reselected for the next period basic on the agreement of Board Meeting in the end of occupation period.

Article 11 Management period

Clause (1) Management period of IFL Lampung  is 2 years after elected.

Clause (2) in the special circumstance will be regulated afterward by the mechanism of daily Board Body Meeting of IFL Lampung with the consent of Founder’s Meeting

Article 12 the End of Management Period

Management period is finished when it is declared end by the IFL Lampung Founder’s Meeting.

Article 13 the Management Transition

Clause (1) in the Transition period between previous management and the next management, it will be appointed the general election council to regulate the mechanism of election for the next management.

Clause (2) Chief of General Election Council is elected by the Board meeting of IFL Lampung before the end of management period.

Clause (3) The member of General election council is the Board of IFL Lampung, who was not  nominated as the candidate of President and was elected by the chief of general election council Clause (4) General election council has duty to :

  1. act as the name of IFL Lampung during the transition period runs,   with the monitoring of founders,
  2. Implement the election of new President and Vice president within the prescribed period by the Board Meeting of IFL Lampung,
  3. Responsible with their own duty to the Board Meeting of IFL Lampung.

Clause (5) General Election Council will be dissolved when the new presilent and vice president have been elected.

Clause (6) Elected President and Vice President must form the Daily Board Body of IFL in prior the recruitment of the board is conducted.

Clause (7) Board inauguration must be conducted at least 1 month after new management formed.



 Article 14 President

President of IFL Lampung is elected by the panelist that consist of Founders, and Daily Board Body that will be end its management period, and 1 council from each division.

Article 15 Terms of President

President of IFL Lampung can be elected with these terms:

  1. Be obedient to Pancasila and UUD 1945
  2. Has organizational experiences and good leadership skills
  3. Has high commitment and dedication for the advancement of IFL Lampung
  4. Listed as the active board of IFL Lampung membership at least 1 Management period
  5. Approved as the candidate by the general election council
  6. Not occupy as the chairman in other organizations.

Article 16 The Right of President

President of IFL Lampung has right to:

  1. form and lead the management of IFL Lampung during its period
  2. be considered its voice within the supervisor meeting council and founder
  3. be nominated  as the president again max. 3 period before 30 years old
  4. declare organization emergency
  5. resign as the President of IFL Lampung
  6. give recommendation  to appoint and dismiss the Board

Article 17 Obligation of President

President of IFL Lampung has obligation to :

  1. Keep the good reputation of IFL Lampung
  2. Form and lead  the management of IFL Lampung
  3. Arrange strategic plan of Management during the Management period
  4. Take policy and action in order to solve the problem which is emerge related to IFL Lampung
  5. Represent and or appoint the representative of IFL Lampung  in every activities that involved IFL Lampung if necessary ,except force major is happened.
  6. Responsible in whole IFL Lampung activities to the entire IFL Lampung  board, Supervisor council, and Founders

Article  18 President Substitution

Clause (1) President substitution is devided into :

  1.  Regular substitution, in every end of management period.
  2.  Extraordinary substitution, before the end of management period.

Clause (2) Extraordinary can be conducted when :

  1. Serious infringement occured to the AD/ART IFL Lampung by the President
  2. President obtain the motion of no confidence more than 2/3 + 1 from the total of boards.
  3. President is not the member of IFL Lampung anymore

Clause (3) extraordinary substitution can be done within Board Meeting of IFL Lampung with the consideration Founders meeting.

Clause 19 Temporary functionary of President 

Clause (1) if the President resigns, dismissed, permanently absent or membership status within IFL ends, then Vice President is appointed as the temporary functionary of President until the end of management period.

Clause (2)President of IFL Lampung , then the particular board is appointed by the Daily Board Body,  if Vice President is absent or cannot be substituted ,then the certain board is appointed by Daily Board Body, in mechanism of ad hoc, and becomes the temporary functionary of President until the end of Management period  .

Article 20 Right and obligation of Vice President

Vice President has Right and obligation to

  1. Act under the name of President if President is absent in attending the management,
  2. Be responsible in organizing administration of IFL Lampung
  3. Be responsible in every activities to the President of IFL  Lampung

Article  21 Right and Obligation of General Secretary

General Secretary has Right and Obligation to:

  1. Manage everything that is related to Administration of IFL Lampung
  2. Manage and sort documents and archives of IFL Lampung
  3. Issue and distribute the documents with the consent of President
  4. Coordinate with Secretary I
  5. Responsible in every activities to the President of IFL Lampung

Article 22 Right and Obligation of General Treasurer

General treasurer has right and obligation to :

  1. Compile the budget of IFL Lampung
  2. Manage the budget with  consent from President of IFL Lampung
  3. Collect the donation from members of IFL Lampung
  4. Coordinate with Treasurer I
  5. Responsible in every activity to the President of IFL Lampung



 Article 23

The things that have not been regulated in the Bylaws of IFL  Lampung arranged in separate regulations/provisions not conflict with these Bylaws.


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